Patio Plum Little Vic

Now anyone can grow juicy, fresh Vics, even on a balcony, terrace or small patio. More »

Begonia Firecracker Two-Tone

These amazing Giant Belgian Begonias are highly sought after because of their incredible giant 15cm or more diameter blooms and dazzling fiery colours. More »

Strawberry Cambridge Favourite

Nothing compares to eating sweet, juicy and delicious strawberries picked from your garden! More »

Premium Seed Potato Albert Bartlett Rooster - maincrop

You will no doubt have seen the famously delicious Albert Bartlett Rooster potatoes on TV and in your local supermarket - and now you can grow your own! More »


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Delosperma Jewels of Desert Collection x 10


We are delighted to offer you a real breeding breakthrough – the gorgeous series of Delosperma Jewel of the Desert Hardy Ice Plants. The result of 15 years breeding by a Japanese enthusiast, these little Jewels sparkle all Summer long

Autumn Wallflower Sugar Rush Mix pack 12 jumbo plugs


‘Sugar Rush’ is a unique new British-bred Wallflower that will reliably give you two displays of vibrant colour to brighten up your garden this Autumn and Winter! A real breeding breakthrough – Sugar Rush will flower this autumn around November,

Bellis Habanera Mix pack 12 jumbo plug plants


Bellis Habanera Mix has wonderful pom pom like blooms in red, pink and white will bring an element of fun to your garden! They are equally at home in flower beds, containers and even rockeries. Flowering in Winter & Spring,

Dianthus Festival Mix pack 12 jumbo plugs


Dianthus brighten up any garden with their cheery colours in Winter & Spring. With an abundance of flowers with a delicate scent Dianthus are versatile and are great in pots and containers as well as in beds.

Felicia Blue x 6 plug plants


Lovely little daisy like blooms that are invaluable as part of a mixed basket or container as they add a colour combination that is seldom seen. This variety is more compact, needs no dead heading and is heat tolerant. They

Set of 6 Cosmos Choca Mocha Jumbo Plug Plants


This plant is something really special a chocolate scented flower! These rich, velvety, dahlia-like, chocolate-maroon flowers give a heady aroma reminiscent of the best Belgian chocolates! Cosmos Choca Mocha will flower all summer long, from July right through to October,