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Now anyone can grow juicy, fresh Vics, even on a balcony, terrace or small patio. More »

Begonia Firecracker Two-Tone

These amazing Giant Belgian Begonias are highly sought after because of their incredible giant 15cm or more diameter blooms and dazzling fiery colours. More »

Strawberry Cambridge Favourite

Nothing compares to eating sweet, juicy and delicious strawberries picked from your garden! More »

Premium Seed Potato Albert Bartlett Rooster - maincrop

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Pair of 1M Holly Standards


What more perfect way could there be to frame your Festive Christmas porch or doorway than with a pair of Holly bushes? This new variety is a very prolific berry producer, and is the female form which produces the berries.

Viburnum tinus 1M standard tree


Finding plants that perform in Winter can be hard work, but this gorgeous Viburnum is just the thing to perk up those dull days. Viburnum tinus produces masses of very fragrant white flowers emerging from blush pink buds in clusters

Salix int Hakuru Nishiki (Flamingo) 1M standard tree


Finding great specimen trees for smaller gardens or limited spaces, such as patios, can be a challenge, but we think we’ve cracked it for you here! The stunning ‘Flamingo Willow’, or Salix integra ‘Hakuru-Nishiki’ to give it it’s correct botanical

Japanese Maple (Acer) Plant Collection – 3 varieites in 10.5cm pots


These stunning Acers are guaranteed to make an impact in your garden for years to come! Fully hardy even in the coldest winters they lose their leaves in winter, only to burst with incredible colour in spring. The stunning foliage

Chocolate Tree – Albizia Eveys Pride 1M tall


If you’re watching the calories here’s a guilt-free chocolatey treat! Boasting an irresistible combination of dark burgundy chcolate coloured, finely dissected foliage and feathery cream and purple flowers in mid to late summer, the Chocolate Tree is a plant that

Cercidiphyllum japonicum Katsura Trees – pair in 9cm pots


There are few sights and smells more arresting in the garden than a Katsura or ‘Toffee Apple’ Tree in mid autumn. Its heart-shaped green leaves turn shades of yellow, purple and red before falling to the ground and releasing a

Flowering Cherry tree Amanogawa bare root


Imagine sitting in your garden this spring, basking in the afternoon sun and surrounded by incredibly beautiful cherry blossom. Amanogawa is a delightful flowering cherry which is literally covered in elegant, shell-pink flowers throughout spring. It is very similar to

Flowering Cherry Kiku Shidare Zakura tree


Flowering Cherry Kiku Shidare Zakura will transform your garden for years to come with its incredibly beautiful year-round displays! Also known as Cheals Weeping, this deciduous beauty bursts into life in early-spring with burnished-bronze leaves; quickly followed by clusters of

Liquidambar styraciflua (Sweetgum) tree 80-100cm


This incredibly beautiful Liquidambar styaciflua tree will truly transform your garden with it year-round colourful displays, but it is in the darker months of autumn when this stunning tree really comes into its own. Commonly known as ‘Sweet Gum’, It

Pair of Italian Cypress trees 80-100cm tall


Treat yourself to a pair of these gorgeous Italian Cypress trees, and add a touch of Mediterranean class to your garden. Seen all over Italy, these spectacular architectural conifers will add height and year-round interest wherever you plant them. With

Flowering Cherry Tree Tai-Haku potted 1.5M


Called The Great White Cherry, this larger tree is a great specimen where it has space to reach maturity, and show off it’s amazing flower power in Spring. Smothered by large white flowers, opening from pink buds, it is then

Liriodendron tulipfera (Tulip Tree) 1M tall


The stunning Tulip Tree deserves to be much more widely grown – this lovely relative of Magnolia produces wonderful exotic looking yellow and orange tulip-like flowers in Spring, which are really tough – they look so delicate, almost out of

Flowering Cherry tree Prunus Kanzan bare root


An incredible sight in full bloom, its no wonder Cherry Kanzan is one of the most popular of all flowering cherries. Awarded the RHS Award of Garden Merit for its performance and reliability, it is incredibly easy to grow and

Celebration Maple Tree (Acer freemanii Celebration)


This gorgeous Maple is an easy to grow, totally hardy stand-alone tree, a lovely conical shape of green maple leaves, which turn the most stunning fiery orange then intense red in Autumn – a gorgeous Autumn feature tree for speciment

Living Pot-Grown Christmas Tree Norway Spruce 1-1.2M


It’s impossible to beat that stunning fresh pine fragrance that a real Christmas Tree brings to the home. Not for us the artificial trees in their odd shades and colours. But fresh cut trees are very expensive just for a