Patio Plum Little Vic

Now anyone can grow juicy, fresh Vics, even on a balcony, terrace or small patio. More »

Begonia Firecracker Two-Tone

These amazing Giant Belgian Begonias are highly sought after because of their incredible giant 15cm or more diameter blooms and dazzling fiery colours. More »

Strawberry Cambridge Favourite

Nothing compares to eating sweet, juicy and delicious strawberries picked from your garden! More »

Premium Seed Potato Albert Bartlett Rooster - maincrop

You will no doubt have seen the famously delicious Albert Bartlett Rooster potatoes on TV and in your local supermarket - and now you can grow your own! More »


Drip Feed Houseplant Bio – 2 pack


A handy little pack of 2 drip feeders, providing a continuous but controlled tiny dose of balanced feed for all houseplants. Perfect if you are in holiday for a while, or are prone to forget to feed them. Each dripper

Orchid Feed Concentrate 1L


A specially formulated feed of lower strength, to give consistent but gentle feed to orchids grown indoors. Gives strong healthy green leaves, and healthy flowers – feed all year round for best results. Makes up to 250 litres when diluted.

Pair of Concentrated Citrus Feeds 2 x 175ml


Citrus Trees can be prone to shortages of micronutrients, especially Iron, Magnesium and Boron, and our special Citrus feed pack here provides an excellent way to avoid these deficicecies. Fed when in active growth, it promotes healthier leaves and bigger

All Year Lawn Feed Concentrate 1L


A specially formulated high Nitrogen feed for strong, lush growth, with added iron for greener, healthier lawns. Helps improve lawn colour through greening up, yet does not promote too soft a growth. Increases drought resistance though stronger roots too. Makes

Azalea etc Ericaceous Feed Concentrate 1L


A balanced feed for all acid loving (Ericaceous) plants such as azaleas, rhododendrons and camellias, as well as blueberries. Specially formulated to adjust for the effects of acid soil locking up certain nutrients, it helps maintain a healthy root and

Tomato Feed Concentrate 1L


The perfect High Potash feed for maximum growth of tomatoes for fuller flavoured and bigger crops. This High Potash feed should be used from when first flowers are visible, til the end of the season. Ideal for use on outdoor

Rain Gel & Feed 150g trial pack


Complete food and drink for your plants and hanging baskets. A true garden essential, RainGel & Feed contains an especially formulated high water absorption crystal, which locks in water and swells up to a gel in your hanging baskets, tubs

Professional Muklti-Purpose Compost blend – 80L bag


Simply the best compost available to the gardener today! I This is a bespoke Professional mix made to our exacting recipe from one of Europe’s leading blenders, it contains 20% composted wood fibre, to open the mix up and get

Organic Potato Fertiliser – 1Kg pack


Organic Potato Fertiliser has been specifically formulated to provide your crop of potatoes with everything they need to produce a bountiful harvest. In particular it has been developed to promote the sustained healthy growth, making sure you get a good

Blood, Fish & Bone Organic Fertiliser x 1.25Kg pack


Natures way to feed your plants! Relied upon by generations of gardeners, Blood, Fish & Bone Organic Fertiliser provides a natural, slow release, multipurpose feed that is perfect for use all around your garden. Add it to the planting hole

Rose & Shrub Feed 1Kg


This special Rose and Shrub Feed formulation is from organic sources, making dosing very easy, as it is hard to apply too much. Enriched with horse manure in pelletised form, it can either be incorporated into the planting hole with