Patio Plum Little Vic

Now anyone can grow juicy, fresh Vics, even on a balcony, terrace or small patio. More »

Begonia Firecracker Two-Tone

These amazing Giant Belgian Begonias are highly sought after because of their incredible giant 15cm or more diameter blooms and dazzling fiery colours. More »

Strawberry Cambridge Favourite

Nothing compares to eating sweet, juicy and delicious strawberries picked from your garden! More »

Premium Seed Potato Albert Bartlett Rooster - maincrop

You will no doubt have seen the famously delicious Albert Bartlett Rooster potatoes on TV and in your local supermarket - and now you can grow your own! More »


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Leaf-Curl Resistant Peach Avalon Pride fruit tree bare root


If you love the idea of growing juicy peaches but thought you couldn’t, then think again! ‘Avalon Pride’® represents the most significant development in Peach Tree breeding for over 100 years, meaning you can now grow it here in The

Patio Apricot Aprigold bare root tree


Apricot ‘Aprigold’ is the fabulous patio Apricot from the world-leading Zaiger American breeding program. Naturally very compact, and yet self-fertile, it makes the ideal patio fruit tree for large pots on sunny patios balconies and gardens. With the added benefit

Patio Peach Amber tree root bare root


One of the best-sellers from world-leading Dwarf fruit tree breeder Zaiger, Peach Amber is a really special tree for your garden. Starting with a beautiful display of rose-pink blossom in Spring, it is self-fertile so will produce crops of sumptuous

Patio Peach tree Crimson (R)


A simply stunning Patio Peach tree, ‘Crimson (R) Bonfire’ has been selected for it’s unique and delightful burgundy purple foliage and red coloured peach fruits, all on a genetically dwarf tree too.. Imagine relaxing on your patio in early Summer

Apricot FlavourCot tree


The Cot series of Apricot trees have taken the commercial fruit and gardening World by storm in the last 5 or so years, bringing exceptional crop yields and fruit quality. ‘Flavourcot’ is one of the best for the UK climate,

Patio Nectarine Garden Beauty bare root


This compact Nectarine tree will deliver years of pleasure in your garden with both pretty, fragrant flowers in Spring followed by yellow flesh fruits in Summer. Bred by Zaiger in the USA, the World’s leading Patio fruit breeder, it is