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Begonia Firecracker Two-Tone

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Category Archives: Hardy Shrubs

Hardy Hibiscus Hamabo (Pink) 1M standard tree


Create a fabulous exotic look to your garden or patio, with our glorious hardy Hibiscus ‘Hamabo’ standard lollipop from tree – years of fabulous late Summer floral displays from this ever so easy to grow tree. Despite looking very exotic,

Ligustrum delavayanum (Privet Laurel) topiary standard tree 1M tall


Ligustrum, or Privet Laurel, is the absolute gold standard in topiary and standard form trees and shrubs. The exceptionally small and tight growing leaves create a dense network of stems, making for easy cutting and shaping. Ligustrum in fact form

Choisya Sundance 1M standard tree


We are all familiar with the classic bay tree lollipop shape standard, but how about a completely different colour option? The fabulous golden yellow leaves of Chosya ‘Sundance’ (or Mexican Orange Blossom as it is sometimes called due to their

Euonymous Marieke 1M standard tree


This lovely new selection of larger leaved Euonymus has bright gold-edged variegations, creating an evergreen ball of colour atop a straight standard stem. The fabulous golden yellow variegated leaves are brightest in new growth in Spring and Summer, yet remain

Weigela Monet plants – 3 pack in 9cm pots


As pretty as one of Monet’s masterpieces, this deligthful small and compact flowering shrub really has the most beautiful 3 colour foliage. A lovely Spring flowering shrub, it produces big lipstick pink tubular flowers in Spring. But the real highlight

Buddleia Butterfly Bush Tricolour pot


Everyone knows and loves a Buddleia (except perhaps Network Rail?), for their shear flower power and magnetic allure for butterflies – hence their common name The Butterfly Bush. Here is a new twist on a much-loved favourite – 3 separate

Pair Ceanothus (Californian LIlac) Standard Hardy Trees 90-100cm


Now you can get that classic look of lovely evergreen trimmed topiary standard lollipop form trees, and combine it with a burst of flower power in Spring too. This stunning Pair of Ceanothus repens, also called Californian Lilacs, have been

Pair Hydrangea Swinging Sixties (Grafin Cosel) garden ready


A fabulous new two-tone Patio Hydrangea form the same breeders who gave us the exciting ‘Glam Rock’. Perhaps this one is more subtle, but just as packed with patio flower power for sure. Each petal is white to blush pink,

Hardy Fuchsia Whiteknights Pearl plants x 3


One of the great hardy Fuchsias for gardens, this easy care bush prouces rivers of unusual palest blush pink flowers, the classic thin trumpet shaped hardy shaoe too.. More open and lax in habit than formal bush fuchsias, this informal

Climbing Fuchsia Lady in Black x 3 garden ready plants


A few years back, the Fuchsia World was set alight by vigorous hardy variety ‘Lady Boothby’ – labelled as a climber, but in realiy more of a ‘leaner’, as it needs tying in to a trellis or supprot. Never the

Double Hardy Hibiscus Chiffon collection – 3 x 9cm potted plants


These UK bred beauties are guaranteed to grow and thrive in your garden, producing towers of beautiful flower every summer – starting from this year! Each set includes well established potted 3 plants – one each of Chiffon Lavender, Chiffon

Complete Evergreen hardy Shrub Plant Collection – 6 varieties in 1L pots


Banish those Winter blues with our Evergreen Shrub Collection – designed to give you bright, bold and uplifting colours all Winter long. Golds limes, purples and creams, with the odd flower thrown in mean there need never be a dull

Photinia Little Red Robin 1M standard plant


We are constantly on the lookout for great garden plants, which are easy to grow, and make a great addition to any garden. And these fabulous Photinia tick both boxes. ‘Little Red Robin’ is quite a new cultivar, with smaller

Hydrangea Miss Saori plant in 9cm pot


The amazing Hydrangea that everyone is talking about!! Forget those dull seaside displays of blues and pinks, ‘Miss Saori’ is something different. And this was recognised when she won the Best Plant 2014 at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Such

Double-Flowered Hydrangea Love plant 9cm


Everybody loves ‘Love’! This beautiful, subtle and sophisticated Hydrangea was created in Japan by the same breeder of the RHS Chelsea Show winning variety ‘Miss Saori’. Sharing the beautiful unique double-flowered form, where layer on layer of small petals build

Pack of 3 Choisya Sundance (Mexican Orange) in 9cm pots


A real gem of a shrub, for glorious golden yellow cheerfulness in your garden all year round it holds these lovely foliage colours for the full 12 Months. A low maintenance and slow growing hardy shrub, that forms domes of

Lagerstroemia Rhapsody In Pink plant in 9cm pot


If you have ever driven through Central France in Summer and seen wonderful trees plastered with pink or red flowers, chances are they are Crepe Myrtle, or Lagerstroemia. Now you can grow these amazing wonders over here too. Lagerstroemia have

Tree Hydrangea Pink Annabelle 14cm pot


Called Hydrangea ‘Invincibelle’ in the US, ‘Pink Annabelle’ is an entirely different kind of hydrangea shrub – the Tree Hydrangea. They have much bigger and bolder, longer-lasting and more complex flowers than more common kinds. She is the cousin of

Camellia Ace of Hearts (Red) 1L


One of the nation’s favourite early Spring plants, they have a reputation as being tricky. Given the right conditions, they are very straightforward and problem free, providing fabulous displays of flowering when almost every other plant is still asleep for

Camellia William Bartlett (Pink) 1L


One of the nation’s favourite early Spring plants, they have a reputation as being tricky. Given the right conditions, they are very straightforward and problem free, providing fabulous displays of flowering when almost every other plant is still asleep for