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Begonia Firecracker Two-Tone

These amazing Giant Belgian Begonias are highly sought after because of their incredible giant 15cm or more diameter blooms and dazzling fiery colours. More »

Strawberry Cambridge Favourite

Nothing compares to eating sweet, juicy and delicious strawberries picked from your garden! More »

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Premium Primocane Raspberry All Gold – pack x 5 short cane


All Gold’ was a chance find amongst a crop of the red variety ‘Autumn Bliss’, so has inherited many of it’s excellent traits, but with a superb golden yellow colour, and a seemingly even more intense flavour too! ‘All Gold’

Premium Primocane Raspberry Autumn Bliss – pack x 5 short


Autumn Bliss’ has proven itself as a popular and successful gardener’s variety for a number of year’s, with good disease resistance and long cropping period. ‘Autumn Bliss is a Primocane variety, so it produces fruits on it’s new season stems,

Raspberry Long Cane Glen Lyon – pack of 10 canes


Long Cane Raspberries are your opportunity to benefit from a massive breakthrough in Raspberry fruit production! Raspberries usually produce their fruit on the previous year’s growth of canes. However, they are often sold in garden centres cut back as short

Raspberry Glen Cova – pack x 5 short canes


Raspberry ‘Glen Clova’ is one of the earliest raspberries to fruit, startig in mid-July and running into August. It is from the famous Scottish breeding program, so is a good British bred variety that performs well in British weather! It

Blackberry Reuben plant 2L pot


This is quite simply a real ‘Black Beauty’! The fruits are massive compared to normal blackberries – in fact they are the size of plums but as sweet as the sweetest strawberries! What’s more, because it is the worlds first

Blackberry thornless Chester 1L pot – pack x 2


Pick juicy Blackberry fruits in your own garden – without the brambles! Perfect. ‘Chester’ produces abundant crops of large, firm berries that are simply bursting with gorgeous sweet juice! You’ll be able to reliably pick the wonderful fruits from August